David H. Sinclair

Particle Physics

David H. Sinclair

Particle Physics


Dr. David Sinclair is a distinguished research professor and the director of the Solar Neutrino Experiment in SNOLAB (Sudbury Neutrino Observatory). As principle investigator for the SNOLAB project and founder of the SNO group at Carleton, he managed awards totalling $65 million for the design, construction and early operation of the facility.

Dr. Sinclair’s previous works addressed fundamental questions in elementary particle physics, astrophysics, and the evolution of the universe. Before his time in Canada, he taught at Oxford University for 16 years. His research on the structure of nuclei culminated in the design of the first dedicated carbon-dating facility, which was used to date the Shroud of Turin.


Davidson Dunton Research Lecturer, 2002

Carleton Research Achievement Award, 2002

Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, 2003

Sigma Xi Fund of Canada Award for Scientific Achievement, 2004

Inaugural CAP-Triumf Erich Vogt Medal, 2011

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